How to operate local websites — Preparation

There is an old saying in

: success always belongs to those who are prepared.

means so simple, you should have the plan and the preparation before you do anything.

only in this way can you do things to get twice the result with half the effort! Not just website so, even you have to have a plan to get the girls, first of all have to understand each other.

knows her age, personality, hobbies, etc. if you’re looking for someone to marry, you probably need to know about your family background. Then come up with an implementation plan.

the reason is clear. Let’s get to know some preparation and investigation before making a local website.

number 1: determine your site’s goals, that is, what type of site you want to do.

What is the target, the age, and the target group of the


second: survey on the number of the population of the area, the area proportion of men and women, the number of Internet users, and the number of your site type circle of the target population, the target population has much room for development, and they have much demand for such products, such as the now target population of 50 thousand people, according to their needs, how long will it take can grow to 100 thousand people.

third: analysis of the level of the region’s economy, if the region’s economic level is too low, even if you put the corresponding products do good, I am afraid not many people can afford play! This is the so-called market total


fourth: the pace of local planning and development, if the number of Internet users in this region is growing very fast, then your target user growth rate will be proportional to


fifth: competitors analysis, now competition in all walks of life is very fierce, just popular years, the Internet is even more so. So it is a must to consider any type of site before the problem! Analysis of the number of competitors, and the ability of competitors! If you like innumerable competitors like QQ site, as strong as the Hangzhou 19 Building, eight Tongzhou network. Then you should consider where your strengths lie when you compete with others. Why would the user choose you instead of someone else? If your competitors are as many as QQ sites, like Hangzhou, 19 floor, and Tongzhou eight links as powerful. For the beginning of you, if you do not have their own unique advantages. Then I suggest you change your goal. Because in this case, chances are you’re going to grow too low,


here also to my site, Beijing area SNS outdoor sports community (about the weekend) send out for your reference is the first area differentiation, no longer for the users, and then is the type of differentiation, only to create outdoor sports circle. Three is time differentiation. Events are organized only on weekends and during major holidays. Other time only for Internet users to communicate on the site,


above is my last few years