Enlightenment of public relations Sanya rip off the door event replay deduction micro-blog crisis

Dragon Spring Festival at the beginning of Sanya’s "cheating incident" is like a heavy bomb thrown public opinion in the East China Sea, has repercussions of the April 19th Sanya government specially organized the event FuPan deduction activities, the purpose is to let the relevant departments and leading cadres to improve media literacy and media leadership, improve the handling of the crisis public relations ability. According to media reports and review of this activity cheating scandal, draw inspiration for the following micro-blog crisis public relations.

, don’t let the official micro-blog enter hibernation,

as a cheating scandal in Sanya municipal government information office official micro-blog @ Sanya Municipal Government Information Office released the latest micro-blog time at 17:09 on January 30th, the micro-blog account for 3 months has not released, also could not be updated, so a considerable regret, with more than 130 thousand fans of the official micro-blog account into hibernation in such a state, is conducive to the monitoring of network public opinion platform so to abandon micro-blog. Whether a few multitray deduction, if the lack of monitoring of network public opinion, do not understand the Internet users in micro-blog and other social media behavior, the next crisis appeared in or will be taken by surprise.

two, to promptly and accurately understand the feelings of Internet users

we only need a little note, all will be found, every time the public event occurred two times of crisis are most netizens feel neglected or respected cause, such as the Sanya incident has been obviously cheating, complaint cases, the relevant departments of Sanya, the official micro-blog compact but followed the release of a zero the complaint "micro-blog, so it is easy to let users will be discontent once again into the crisis communication process, the escalation of the crisis. In the failure to accurately understand the negative feelings of Internet users, in micro-blog on the subjective, hastily released response, easily exacerbate the crisis situation.

three, if necessary, hold a media meeting in time,

because of word restrictions, and sometimes in micro-blog can not effectively defuse the deep-seated crisis, it is necessary to hold a media meeting. "Cardiff City of tiger Ming Yi, but three people said a tiger", to timely comments from continuously appear on the network "the people" of the situation, will meet the media as micro-blog public relations, and then will meet the video on micro-blog, micro-blog and so form interactive.

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