China’s personal webmaster on four big when

first big when: CN domain name

09 years ago in December, registered CN domain name means what? That means you have one of their own domestic top-level domain name. Yes, when everyone thinks so, as long as you have time and renew, this CN domain name belongs to you, and is protected by law according to the official statement.

CNNIC began 07 years of "1 yuan CN domain name registration" promotions, the domain name CN pushed the climax, in December 09 people from suddenly notice cannot register CN domain name, and has registered CN domain name must also be in the name of the company under. Of course, this is not the worst, the worst is that your site has been using CN domain name for a long time, if you abandon the CN domain name, it means great loss, but if you continue to hold, just like holding a time bomb.

CN was asked why the domain name open to individuals, and use a variety of promotions, let Chinese crazy to register? Why? Don’t you see this two years CNNIC repeatedly issued CN domain name registration data, said CN Chinese of the domain name registration is the first in the world, to the root node or face job. They are COM to the number of registrations, our CN is not bad, how to get the number of CN domain name than COM? A total registered, open to individuals, with hundreds of millions of Chinese, also do not believe that not on the list. Later found that the price advantage is not good, simply do not do two endlessly, and engage in a 1 yuan promotional activities.

individual open CN domain name registration, plus 1 yuan promotion, these two years CN domain name registration volume explosive growth, CNNIC complacent unceasingly. When CCTV suddenly announced that individuals registered CN domain name is the root cause of pornographic websites flooding, when pointing to CNNIC, CNNIC was somewhat unprepared. Or their own importance, simply directly prohibited individual registration CN domain name, and later on what matters and he does not matter. Of course, individual Adsense hands in a lot of CN domain name to do, how to do after the site, and CNNIC has nothing to do with it. This time, you’ll regret why you didn’t choose COM at first, and you would know what despair is.

second big when: advertising alliance

when a personal webmaster finally began to sigh: advertising Union Day is better than a day, can only rely on some pop and click mixing rice, and even the site cost is not earned back. MAOY here is very responsible to tell you, rely on a variety of advertising Union, has long been not personal Adsense enrichment means.

some people say: Hey! You don’t know much about advertising, the high price does not deduct the amount, you see many sites not live very moist? Oh, I do a website on the Internet for seven years, did not alliance 100, but survived, and now is a good advertising alliance also, Baidu and Google Advertising alliance. But the beginning a lot of good effect of explosive union, a few months time to put up the shutters, rely on this.