Liu Liang Ali mother said the flow of the meeting


           ;     Liu Liang said, first of all, the rational use of search engines, this is the first step. Although Baidu is a Alibaba of competitors, in order to increase the flow of people, I will say that Baidu, we have done for SEO, but the technical content is not too high, but this was diverted, so you don’t have to do SEO. Specific method, I said a few, the first is stick, Baidu inside paste it, the flow is very big. You can either find a Guan Jian word and write something that the user really wants to see. Here is a link to your website. Read this manuscript, feel good people, 30%, 40% of people will go to link. The second method is hao123, with 1 million 200 thousand hits per day. He wrote out his own website in Baidu hao123 to keep abreast, if your site quality is good, and there is no trojan virus, is easy to pass on their two grade classification page. There is one channel is QQ chat room, the NetEase, Tencent and so on chat rooms can find some suitable groups inside the message, the message sent is really useful to others, don’t separate a web link.