Do stand, we must adhere to the principles, do not let thinking beyond the pace

with the pace of the information age continues to accelerate, the Internet has become increasingly powerful and popular, and online shopping has long occupied a place in the minds of Internet users for its own convenience, fast and so on. However, everything has two sides, and there are advantages and disadvantages. Popular with the people at the same time, there are also many negative effects followed, the media frequently reported.

this is not, from the network of sellers shop operators exposed in the credit rating of the hidden tricky shady, torn a large number of occupation "credit brush hand" in the active network, trying to "demystify brush" high seller credit level, showing the dark side. They use different IP addresses to commit crime, so it’s hard to spot them. In charge of the brush, different, never worry about customers not to pay, because he can bring you brush "black", and then through the bad way of revenge, as long as no one report, "credit brush hand who can survive.

the author according to a friend of Taobao shop on the understanding, the seller’s credit rating is through the buyer’s evaluation generated. The so-called evaluation refers to praise and reputation, good reputation, which contains the sale of various links sold, and real opinion feedback customer service service, each transaction with the seller for the seller buyer can score, a praise is a fraction, accumulated to a certain extent can make the seller’s credit level growth. Of course, buyers in the purchase of goods will certainly put higher credit shop as the preferred, naturally click rate is high, the store credit is high, in the online shop ranking is in front, this is very beneficial for the shop’s business. And let a large number of "credit brush hand" there is an opportunity is this, they use the buyer eager to improve their shop credit psychology, thereby helping to fake its credit. Some sellers also employ "credit brush hand" to fight against competitors, whether the brush is "brush hand" or "killer"? This problem is not talked about. What can make "brush hands" without fear of the spread of the spread, I think this and website operators irresponsible "creative thinking" is inseparable.

a tango, the phenomenon of the emergence of thought is not only "credit brush hand" caused by the seller, if the site first establish the correct management idea, the right to do business, do not have opportunistic luck, then it does not contribute to this is the wind. As a webmaster network sellers, perhaps because of a moment of weakness, could not resist the temptation of interests, so that the suffering of its victims, but after he broke out to this ugly, one thing is worthy of recognition, it is clear he essence of business website is to adhere to the principles, but embodied in him precisely the body is to should have the correct attitude of the shop owners thought principle. Speaking of principle, in our side can be seen everywhere, for example, for example in the business website is to insist on seeking truth from facts, the principle of pragmatic duty station, which makes the casting stand webmaster world monument. The principle is the foundation of the station and the way of management. Whatever >