Cao Guangyun the way to success for stationmaster from the perspective of success (three)

this article is for Cao Guangyun in the "webmaster Success Road" to share third articles. For the last two articles, see


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this article for "webmaster success study" Ninth to twelve success, hope to help everyone:

success nine: the success of the past is not equal to the future

everyone has different experiences, perhaps brilliant, may fail, but for entrepreneurs is not important, the success of the previous or lost just represent a phase, and can’t decide one day in the future. Before I founded, I had many small achievements, creating power, network CEO, many enterprises, network marketing consultant, several successful cases, etc.. But since the choice of the web578 business, decided before the glory and I have no relationship, only the attitude and strategy is the most important thing for me, if someone can tell me the specific method of the success of web578, I am willing to take my 50% assets as a reward for him, but this person is not there. The failure of the past does not mean the future can not succeed, past success does not mean that the next will be successful. So the past doesn’t mean the future, because the future is in your hands.

success ten: success is used to doing what others can’t do,

to do with not only a wrong thought in passing aggression period, China, arms behind millet plus rifles can beat aircraft artillery, with what, a strong proletarian revolutionaries with conviction, finally succeeded. (although I see it on television, I believe there is no absolute belief that it is impossible to succeed.). During the Wenchuan earthquake, "pig strong" was once popular with the internet. As a pig, why would humans distinguish him from the average pig?. As "star pig", he is with strong will, in others seems impossible, but he did so, so human respect, is regarded as’ strong pig’. As a man who desires success, he must have the character of "pig strong", determined to walk on himself, until he arrives at the stage of acceptance and attracts the attention of all.

success Eleven: Knowledge + contacts,

knowledge is very important, more important contacts, I contacted many webmaster, if there are 2 million Chinese grassroots webmaster, so I should have one percent people through the QQ or understand me, I was such a person. I have seen a lot of comments about this group of people, some of them are quite right, but some of them are >