Grassroots new station, how to do every day

although the trend is now more and more important, teamwork becomes difficult to survive. But there are still many grassroots webmaster friends to fight a lone battle was one of the author. The following I would like to talk about the operation of new sites of the process, and in Baidu above performance is up every day. (attach a month site status query diagram)


looks at the performance, in fact, do not see the rhythm of the site every day, but through the keywords given by Baidu rankings, but can know the performance of the site. These keywords also have an index of more than 800 and an index of more than 200 and more than 300. As for the included and Baidu snapshot is because these two days, the author updates fatigue, and the chain did not do the results, but this does not affect the web keywords ranking upward trend. The following specific procedures and see the author:

1, website content update operation

first of all, the content of the author’s pre website is about 5 per day, and it never stops. Of course, if friends can maintain more articles every day, the update will be better, but I pursue the quality of the article. Explain first, the author’s article is not all original, but mostly pseudo original.

article operation is like this, first in the online search to the corresponding article, the title must be changed. Then the contents of the supplement or delete, here Baidu encyclopedia can help. Finally, in the name of the web site often appear, anchor text links to the home page, and other content pages also occasionally linked (PS: the chain not too much, otherwise optimization overweight trace, to search engine friendly). Another point is that the site map must be produced, this is very important for the site’s early collection.

two, analysis of competitors outside the chain

1, not everyone has the quality of the chain of resources, so to competitors "stealing" is also a good tool. Just domain: Rival domain name -site: Rival domain name, you can get some of the chain resources.

2, analyzes the target keyword competition degree, in order to determine own optimization strategy. We know the weight of the content page is weaker than the weight of the home page, and the home page gets the website of ranking, actually some is already abandoned station, stationmaster already did not undertake website is updated. In this way, the degree of competition becomes much smaller. So we should come to optimize the priority of keywords, first from easy to start, improve the website weight, and then optimize the key words.

three, soft Wen contribute

soft Wen contribution is a lot of webmaster friend preference, the author is no exception. Because from the years of optimization experience and experimental proof, soft Wen for ascension website weight, included, keyword ranking have very great effect. And the author is also in the soft Wen contribution period, website snapshot updated every day, included is also rising every day. So I think, >