Google processing of data acquisition station

a few days ago I mentioned that Google was going to take action on the acquisition station, and now it looks like the action is faster than scheduled.

‘s actions will be broadly as follows:

Google Search puts a lot of duplicate content into the search results.

Google Search removes some of the content from the search index.

Google AdSense, for those sites, its smartprice will play a big role, the direct result is that the price will be lower than the original. A lot of stationmaster complain in advertisement publisher forum, unit price is decreasing ceaselessly, be this reason.

, Google, and AdSense will also be dealt with first for those sites that are copyright infringement or are related to what was told before Google. This part is mainly about copyright, as I mentioned in the above.

Google AdWords, for advertisers, landing, page, and even Landing Site, would have to pay more to show advertising. This section will be done at the time of ad evaluation.

More than

is just what DavidYin thinks and knows, and I think a lot of Google users will guess that Google will take such or such measures to strengthen its content quality requirements.