s the quantity of classified information heavy or heavy

the quantity mentioned here includes both content and traffic, while quality refers to the authenticity of information.

no exaggeration to say, now the classification of information stations have more to the spread of the situation: an ordinary city, which can also find dozens of hundreds of such websites. Between the sites in the same region, natural and ultimately some infighting. Well, how does the website take advantage of the competition? Does it depend on the daily powerful information release or the real and useful information for Internet users?

has been often seen several major classification stations from other sites collecting and copying content of news, it seems to me that no ground for blame a little unkind, though, but also not to rise out for something where you can’t be classified information copyright claims! But not to say that no major. Everyone can do many sorting station is pure only provide a release of information sites, to publish the contents with little supervision, and do not say will not appear illegal information, often is Hubei’s website but there is a pile of Shenzhen electric straight pin, and clothes like, sometimes full page full page refresh. How about if I see the local information on your website several times in a row, then I’ll come next time? Maybe it will be filtered out directly.

may be some webmaster idea is I rarely tube you, even if you want to send spam information, always landing my site, maybe flow up, I in search of weight will improve. Or the information that has been collected from other websites, and I have not noticed what the specific content is. Acquisition and indulgence have greatly increased the amount of information on our website, but unfortunately the quality has been declining.

estimates that there are few websites to verify the authenticity of classified information, and it is nice to provide a quick query link behind IP and the contact phone, which is true or false. I can’t help but wonder if one day because of the sorting station above to see the false advertisement cheated, enraged, if the court told the website will be how to deal with, is not registered, or lost, or advertising law to require compensation for the loss of the website. Ha ha, it seems that many classification stations are not related to the record and approval.


, according to my personal view, sorting station in the process of operation should pay more attention to the quality of information, probably will take a little time to review, but provide clean and real network environment for local users, I believe it will receive many unexpected benefits.

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