Joy 3 months, PR becomes 3

, I registered the new domain name

in January 20, 2008

don’t know what to do how to use simply to help me find the station was so slowly that hung a feel very naive to think as soon as possible to the domain name PR do 2 because I now have a domain name is PR=2 but this year will be due not to want to want to use let him off just because of their consumption is not what also understand this thing has been in my thinking to look at other people’s soft every day many people said to find PR high site connection but I am looking for a long time people did not agree with the a high site do not see it this new domain estimation for a period of time then think ah also thought so because for me such a layman to understand it is too difficult to have one day a sudden thought out do not know What others think about it,


I have seen the PR value of the operation in accordance with his way of calculating a large PR value of the site is very good to the railway station, but others are not willing to do it and connect you to find those willing to ha ha this is my method: (the site navigation station is free of charge, and it recorded in the network check on the number of terrible) so I find a lot of big station site navigation and their friendship connection to each other and they soon included I collected my so I still wait) because I don’t know how the result is

this morning, I go to the forum to see when the update is all about GG I didn’t pay attention to me the name I just checked my old domain name came back in the evening I want nothing to look at the results unexpectedly let me be startled at my new good domain name included only more than 100 pages but I see PR=3 ah excited excitement I also wonder why my website PR change so fast what I have done. Then I wanted to know is what I described above is the method of benzene solution if we feel what is not good. I hope not written anything deficiencies we understanding   network;