A brief talk on the development strategy of Chinese online games

08 years past, this year for me and the people of Sichuan are in the year. I don’t want to talk about career in space, but online games aren’t my own field. It’s OK to share my views here.

talk about Chinese network game, must begin from Chen Tianqiao, from him, can reflect the development track of Chinese net swims. First statement, I have not seen Chen Tianqiao, nor have been to Shanda, all understand from the media. His 26 year old registered company to do the Internet, one is three years, three years down, a little success, but not much. 28 years old to do online games "legend" agent, the first monthly profit of 1 million, the first year profit of one hundred million. At this point, Chen has become a successful businessman. In Chen Tianqiao’s words, "grab an opportunity" can become a successful businessman, but to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to seize every opportunity.

later, Chen Tianqiao’s grand company was listed on the Nasdaq, and Chen Tianqiao became China’s richest man at the age of 31. Doing business as the rolling stones on the hillside, behind, Chen also understand this truth, his ideal is to make a grand network of Disney, I think at the grand enterprise culture should be considered: in addition to the pursuit of money, but also the pursuit of ideal.

The main thing to do next is Chen Tianqiao

, the acquisition of upstream development companies, Internet related software, capital operation: the acquisition of sina 19% of the shares, the key is to do a thing too far ahead: big box, big box failed, so grand loss of 5 hundred million. Although the strategic failure of the grand box, the market value of Shanda’s tens of billions of dollars, 5 hundred million of the loss is not enough to hurt internal forces. Network game is a life period, as long as 35 years, while the short one or two years, the "legend" is close to life, and a good game "grand agent BNB", the end of life is a matter of. On the one hand, facing the strategic failure, the other direction, network game aftereffect is insufficient. At this time of grand, have to face a turning point.

we will look the same as a NetEase, the domestic online games, the perfect time, long journey, jinshan.

with a grand similar starting time of the NetEase, the CEO Ding Lei is a technical background, focus on independent research and development from the beginning, although the grand development agency South Korea started the game a step slow, but the accumulation of a strong R & D team. "Westward Journey" is not very successful, but "Odyssey Westward Journey 2" succeeded.

journey, which later became the giant network, the boss Shi Yuzhu is a good use of money, thought is not constrained to attract talent to madman, very realistic, do the "journey" and "giant" two games.

the perfect time, its predecessor is the human software, development and production of 3D in terms of talent accumulation, the game "perfect world" is a very beautiful 3D game, very unique, successful.

The development route of

like you and grand, the agent of a good game: "World of Warcraft".