Do industry website, choose chemical industry

website when we have a reserve stage, is to do a what kind of site choice, for what people, how to realize their own profit! I believe that this is a lot like me small owners confused!

In fact, no matter what your

site, you must remember that you are most familiar with the industry, do you know the most comprehensive products, so you can not a layman, when you design a website forum to plan your site! You can go to the comprehensive comparison, to understand what your opponent is what is the advantages they do.


choose which industry to do is very contradictory thing, but if you do determine an industry to settle down, irresistible to carry on. Before doing my site, I thought a lot of industry, clothing materials, curtain industry, real estate network, local portal, information port, finally I have been rejected, and ultimately chose to do chemical, htt:// global chemical network before actually there has been a lot of chemical network, China Chemical Network in 2006 on the market, ALIBABA and HC365 are going to do in this industry, so that the industry is profitable, because in front of me have done the work related chemical finally decided to do chemical station

!In fact,

compared with many of the chemical industry has its certain advantages, many domestic chemical enterprises, the market competition is intense, and chemical products in the general market, it is difficult to see, in circulation is relatively small, and the chemical industry is relatively concentrated in the more developed Zhejiang Shanghai Jiangsu Tianjin this coastal city around, demanding more developed where the information is higher.

industry website member + advertisement model is actually my global chemical network is no exception, can not escape the traditional marketing mode, I want to change, but has always been that way, can be said that many small and medium-sized webmaster like me depressed, to seek a breakthrough in innovation, want to, but we didn’t find a way out we are still doing, his tail behind others. Want to study abroad, our understanding of foreign sales model is too small, the technology innovation, we have a professional team, we are a group of grassroots webmaster. Choose an industry, largely to satisfy their own interests to do


here in the hope that the majority of webmaster friends, do not be too tired of their own bodies, if previously had been sleeping at 2, as far as possible in 1 to sleep, good health is very important!