Be aware of the sequelae after changing the space

in the A5, often see a friend asked to change the server IP have a very serious impact, but also to see the views of many friends, mostly saying there is a certain effect, but as long as the update is normal, usually within a week will be restored, because there is also a time to have the server station. According to my own experience, that the change of Baidu server exists, but in the short term will return to normal. But recently, because of some reasons for the replacement of the server, and found that there is a serious problem of changing space, so special A5 published so that more friends see, no matter normal or not, welcome to communicate with each other.

said first premise, the recent national crackdown, I believe that many owners have been deeply affected, for not filing the site, and the existence of "illegal" information on the site are cleaned up, because no record so the station will be closed before my site "pregnancy" in the first page of Baidu keyword. After taking off immediately to change the server, anchored in the friend on the VPS server. I thought everything was still going on, but I didn’t expect it to happen.

The original

snapshot this station remained updated in 48 hours, since the replacement of space after the snapshot stay before for space, thought it was a bad effect to replace the server, not too much, but nearly a week without any time Baidu update. Since the VPS server has just been purchased and no other sites have been compared, I’ve never doubted that problems might exist in the server side. One day, when a friend told me that I couldn’t access this site, I was in the first response to a server failure, so I asked a few friends in QQ for help. The results found that all the friends were unable to visit, and I was able to login, the website backstage! In order to confirm the machine is not cached and other reasons, many tests jump without any problems in the machine and access speed is fast!


other friends can not access the situation about after a few hours to reflect to visit this station, I began to think at that time, this will also and Baidu snapshot relationship, Baidu can not crawl to the data on the second day, I again? You can move the data to another site, a dramatic shift, second days Baidu snapshot normal update a day before the content is changing the data space. Then I observed three days, found that the daily snapshot is normal, of course I don’t want to believe that space, in order to prove my guess, I returned to VPS space data migration, the nightmare continues, the snapshot stop, here, I should be compared to determine the problem in fact is a space

!I checked the relevant folder with

VPS server, to determine the relevant documents without any shielding search engine, more cannot explain when all friends reflect the station can not be accessed when I am able to login backstage (multiple exit, clean IE) without any problems. Later, when responding to the customer service, the result was normal access…… I don’t want to argue with customer service, in Application >