How to restore a closed web site

said the Jiangxi Telecom BLOCKOUTS event, the station also affected, thought quickly through the two audit, look forward to every day, every day of the advisory service, do not know what time to restore the site, think of the time when the webmaster, extremely depressed! I believe that many owners feel the same, I site at the end of March on the line the middle has a space for use before the foreign space, because the feeling after going to domestic development, oh, that big. The move once felt, bosses have to search, or more diligent, in the early stages of development, updated every day, because my site is relatively new, is also popular, so I feel less influence.

The 60th anniversary

Festival, since some illegal information at the beginning of December CCTV exposure, suddenly the webmaster also "festive", not worth mentioning…… Anyway, we do regular stations, and do not involve any bad information of the webmaster, they have been "harmonious" a bit. Network instant chaos, was written China network back in N, perhaps N years later, most people will recognize this event, after all the network clean-up operations imperative, illegal information network between the ship too, I have this action point recognition, but also a lot of problems, after all illegal the site is one of the few, innocent old friends are a happy

, alas!

09 years in December 29th, my website finally opened, I urge every space business, also know this is irresistible, the discourse is more polite, I finally in time and again after the transfer of the server, to Shandong, and was again before the last scan, ha ha, after a lot of hard work, finally on the line, sweat, typing tired, just the day before yesterday, I stand by Baidu "festive", more than 10 days open, ha ha, rare ah, finally can not hold on, picked, but Google in Polygonum to the second page, happy, secretly since Hi, this actually could not open the page from sixth ran to second pages, ha ha,


that friend to help add a link it, Polygonum multiflorum, I hope my station will soon recover. To a QQ:185918285, there are problems to consult me, ha ha, master float.