Lin Haoming tells you how local communities shape permanent residents

recently did not share the Lin Haoming on local community portal operation knowledge, webmaster to the local portal operator knowledge is very interested, "Lin Haoming the day before yesterday so I take you through the local community portal portal" and wrote yesterday "Lin Haoming told several important principles" in your community forum set to get many webmaster comments AC. Today, Lin Haoming also writes about local operations. Hope that through the blog article can help to more want to come to consult the operation of the webmaster. As a community, we are most afraid to see the cold side, and do so much to pay, but did not achieve the desired effect. We all know that there are members on behalf of the popularity, there are members of the post volume. But we should how to control the situation, do not let it cool. A community starts looking for new members, and digs out the members to find ways to retain them and find ways to make them permanent residents of your community. Finally, to create active members, because the atmosphere, popularity, flow, is brought to us by members.

how do members dig


member mining, perhaps many webmasters have different views, because there are many ways, your success represents your method desirable. But we are a new generation of webmaster, no longer years route, there are concerned about my blog webmaster also know. I participated in the "Guangdong Province, the second session of the conference of the Internet" back expressed feelings, which mentioned the Guangzhou Panyu community advocate for stationmaster years member, he spent 10 years in exchange for his website today’s success, 10 years ago, Baidu and Tencent is just beginning, I will not say with the contents inside, you see me before the published article will understand. Today, Lin Haoming to tell you is:

, established 1 potential customers

this is actually our website positioning, because the community is suitable for non mainstream users, there are suitable for young people, there are also suitable for middle-aged and so on. First of all, you must decide which community your community is on for that type of user, and secondly, you’ll also need to analyze how small your community services are to your potential community. As in some places, the economy is a bit backward, a small majority of young people go out to work, a small part of the city to further study, and some are network insulators. This shows that your community is not suitable for young people’s community, because your customer base has gone out.

2, content brings user attention and empathy,

content is the most important, there are stations, local community leaders also know. The local community from the main keyword flow is very small, you plan more than a small city, then the number of Internet users in the small city, can search this word count a day doing small. Within 30 thousand, a few hundred. At this time, we need to put the mind on the content, and show us soft ability, long tail keywords optimization skills. There are a series of users to bring to their forums.

prevents loss of membership

as the volume of community registration increases, so does the turnover of members