Beware of Dreamhost and other foreign DC free scam

meeting last year during that time, the domestic BBS line closed, my station is also a part of it, in order to protect a few BBS, I bought a relatively cheaper Dreamhost host in a foreign country, which was Dreamhost in low price and complete autonomy, has now been more than a year back. This year with the Dreamhost deal, I felt the need to remind everyone to beware of scam Dreamhost!


first registered, you have to be careful not to choose what things like, especially friends to pay with a credit card, I use the China Merchants Bank credit card, do not think that you do not enter a password, do not confirm it, in fact, DH buckle your money, don’t need you what credit card password, as long as you submit your credit card number and security code, he will be the suddenness of a thunderbolt out of your credit card on the money, I was also wondering how not confirm directly deducted money but at the time I was ` ` intend to buy, so it is not too much about


don’t be fooled by what he calls the infinite space /500G, and you always have to believe that the space you use will never exceed 10G!


don’t be what he called the infinite binding subdirectories, not limited to IIS, blandishments cheat, in fact, if you bind the domain name more than 100, then almost 100% will have problems, but do not believe what his not limited to CPU, IIS is not limited to such nonsense, I was rather baffling closed space on the way, the most serious one is I didn’t notice you close my account, even they can’t login website account, and there is no reason to say what, directly sent me an e-mail, let me go to SQL backup data, I re registered account via e-mail to negotiate with them, they give me the explanation just let me know: " use several DEDECMS program on my account of the server resources, too much…." then I insist to negotiate with them for more than a day’s time, finally buckled on " DEDECMS; Is the use of China personal webmaster in the most popular CMS program, you refuse to DEDECMS is to make the whole China personal webmaster from " the big hat was restored ~ ~ account here is a obvious scam, registered when he told you what are not limit, but is finally certainly with a " special; consumption of server resources such as ", and what is the exception; special consumption of server resources is naturally he say,

The reason why we want to

the server into the domestic and abroad, the natural environment is one of the reasons, but I think we are not taking into account the domestic IDC service attitude in this regard, many people may find their servers abroad also worry. But this point I really want to explain, not in.