Domain name why not take the story of Tencent QQ domain name

do you know what is not as deep pocketed Tencent acquisition of the domain name QQ.CN? As we all know the importance of the QQ.CN name for the value of the Tencent, the Tencent is not so rich why can purchase QQ.CN? Throughout the history of the domain name acquisition of Tencent also found that Tencent had spent a few prices a few best domain, arguably QQ.CN Tencent was able to afford, but now the query QQ.CN still found the domain name holder or China United Network Communications Corp Heilongjiang branch company of China Unicom has issued, following reasons from several aspects to secret Tencent do not buy QQ.CN.

Tencent fortune history and domain name selection

1999, Tencent launched OICQ instant messaging software, in a very short period of time, a sudden emergence of new, and registered OICQ.COM and OICQ.NET domain names. However, in March 2000, AOL bought ICQ shortly after pointing out the sword of intellectual property to the Tencent, with the OICQ, including ICQ, from the U. S. supreme Arbitration Forum (NAF). As a result, in the first domain name dispute, Tencent suffered a crushing defeat. In April 2001, the Tencent had to give up their own business has long been the brand, renamed Tencent QQ 2000, cartoon image at the same time to withdraw the original QQ head of the Tang Laoya, Snoopy, vigorously seaman belong to Disney, the cartoon image of their own design, in order to avoid intellectual property lawsuit again. Then the Tencent was lost because of the arbitration OICQ.COM and OICQ.NET domain, domain name has since been as the main site of the brand name, and for two years, Tencent has been to the domain name as an important export penetration site. But the domain name and renamed QQ far, QQ.COM domain name has been registered in the domain name, as early as in 1995 May was first registered in 1998, by Robert. China as the entrance to personal film art website, and the domain name registration for sale in a long period of time within the foreign auction site even once the auction to $2 million. The QQ.COM domain name holder for the initiative to seek Tencent Inc will not relent, the transaction prices are not too low, not to mention who knows the move is to maintain QQ Tencent brand Jedi fight.

Tencent’s first step in acquiring domain names

is to give up struggling brands or expensive acquisition? End Tencent still made a difficult decision, according to the Tencent in April 8, 2003 to a high of 10 million yuan acquisition of QQ.COM, the Tencent has refused to disclose the price of commercial secret. Thus, Tencent for the protection of the brand is still sufficient investment, but the acquisition of QQ.COM domain name colleagues, Tencent did not acquire QQ.CN and QQ.COM.CN, the following two to see the fate of the above domain names.

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