BBS asks the developer to look for smaller areas

read an article, in fact, very has the feeling, "BBS old, but not dead yet smaller and more segments of the viscosity of the consumer users, BBS may after the road really is slightly, looking at so many high-quality community, they are trying to hold on, but are unable to create their hope of interest and the scale of development, small and beautiful, subtle aspects of the field has become a trend, when the situation has changed, you should see the direction to go their own way, here, starting from the subtle areas, hope to create their own piece of heaven.

before: the transformation of large communities, when NetEase community published when such a report, "dear friends: the community NetEase is old, and it is time to say goodbye to you! Because of business adjustment, NetEase community will stop service at midnight on December 18, 2012, the impact of a community under a variety of communication tools the marginalized, so stop service. Look at this trend, whether you have heartache, when we see the end of the world community, how rare is crazy, we love hair above the chain, made of various types of information, but these days, in the mobile Internet communication platform under the impact of negative growth, also slowly, the user constantly loss of activity continues to decrease, so that more community faces have to change direction, when the first choice is not a forum, asked what it is the user’s exchange base? So what should be done to the forum, if you continue to create a forum, a communication platform, how to you when.

1) walk your own place, community, small environment, big style,

small environment, amorous feelings, whether you already know? When the West Temple still struggling with the layout of the community, only the Nanjing community have huge user traffic, why not change with it, please click ", must lower the figure, with a local community attitude in the face of the future" one article, when the community layout has been slowly forgotten, to learn why the 19 floor to create a mature exclusive community life, the original 19 floor, too, is the first by a couple of editors play out in the spare time of BBS, when the business time playing out BBS can have such a strong shock the small environment has become a big style, so that, in its current form, adjust their focus to change yourself, change trend and key points of this.

, and for our webmaster, to do a satisfied place, community, has been a particularly important thing, for example, the author’s hometown forum, as shown in figure


has also been affirmed with Baidu ICO icon, certainly this forum with the popularity of local Internet, will become better and better, people will be more and more, this is the landmark building, and with respect to, every webmaster should actually stand in long distance, his hometown.