Araki theory points out that liberal arts graduates are better at operating websites

Araki theory points out that liberal arts graduates are better at operating websites. First of all, the operation of the website is a hard job, through all these years of learning, you can see. Liberal arts students are so-called students who are good at literature. They have good literary talent, and they have lots of ink in their stomach. And what about a science student? What’s a physics and chemistry problem? What’s the 18 carbon chain, the current, and the fatty acids in the biology?. Although I am also a science student, but my writing is also good. Because I’m writing something all the time. For example, for a topic, I can write 500 words in 10 minutes. Absolutely original, and very quality. Baidu likes this kind of website, but the premise is that you really write original articles on your website. In this way, the people who come to your website will become more and more. Because with the quickening pace of life, people’s ways of thinking are basically fixed. In other words, you make it difficult for someone to write an article. There’s a blank in my head.. How terrible, this kind of person will be opportunistic, copy other people’s articles, and then change head to tail, it will become your original.


has repeatedly stressed that the liberal arts are suitable for business website? Because brain science students are so smart, when I was in school, the math teacher taught us: to think less. It means that the mind thinks, so little can be done. Such as a mathematical equation or an applied problem. If you think more, you will accomplish very efficiently. But if you think less, you will choose a slower way to solve the problem. The application of the idea of website construction operations, while also said in the past, but let a smart people, to write the article, I am afraid of them is not too easy, perhaps you can not have it both ways. Those of us who are good at writing tend to think less and do more. Baidu also updated the search engine thinking, and began to search by region. In fact, these things will not have much impact on you. As long as the content of the website is high quality, Baidu is still very good for your website ranking. Do not care too much, but also the website code optimization is not good, but also the website source code is downloaded from the Internet ah, but also the site did not pass the SEO research ah. In fact, as long as the content of the website is high quality. Baidu always gives you a good ranking.


runs website needs is flow, website flow is increased more, the website just begins to be flourishing. And I’m afraid 70% of this traffic comes from search engines, such as Baidu, skeleton, YAHOO and so on. And these search engines, after all, they are not people, only know the text. So, writing more articles will do a good job in all kinds of search. After the construction of the site, if not managed, it will be half a year without any contribution. The time was wasted and the money was wasted. We do not regret technology, there are many customers after the construction of the site, the evaluation of a month to see their website once. They think that their website is all this appearance, nothing to see. And some customers update their website every day, not to accept, Baidu attaches great importance to such sites. Because Baidu likes to return high