Grassroots webmaster talk about website ranking, SEO optimization (on) traffic chapter

to have traffic, you have to understand the optimization, SEO optimization, many people say, here I say their experience, the following directly into the topic:

1, TITLE Title Optimization


page < title> < /title> part is very important, many SEO all know, Google will give priority to match text, so a lot of websites crazy here to write a bunch of keys, hoping to increase the probability of search.

doing this is a little smart, too, and I think TITLE Title Keyword repetition rate control in less than three, is conducive to ranking and optimization, auxiliary language excluded.


part of the head of the page optimization

< refers to the head of the page code; head> < /head> part of a specific point is < meta> the Description (description) and Keywords (key) "the two part, this part is the SEO are relatively took place, a lot of theory! Summed up is:


1 and the "description" section should write a text describing your web site in nearly descriptive language. In this case, you should repeat the features of your site appropriately to highlight, such as:

< meta content=" keyword Station – this station is on keyword, keyword related content analysis of professional SEO station, please always pay attention to keyword station " >


2, the "keyword" part is very simple, you only need to list here you think fit, to highlight the content of the web site keywords can, not too much, 10 8, more than it is, the search engine will only browse the front few, the rest are waves fee. But one thing we should understand that the major search engines are now no longer rely on the < meta> the key, therefore, this part we just think of little significance, regular course of official duties "person, but it is better than No. And the choice of keywords is also a learning, specific can refer to online related articles.

some have to optimize the words in the key words, but also in the description, may not in the title, but as long as the correlation degree, you can have a good ranking.


link optimization

search engine why can index the world’s website, because each search engine program has a program of intelligent robot automatic "crawl" on the Internet, this robot is along the links between websites around the world, so we should set this to create a good channel for it – crawling reasonable link.

what links are reasonable? Just keep in mind the following points: