Rapid increase in site traffic (for new sites)

as a new station, there is no big website (pr> 4) backing, after the initial efforts were finally Baidu, Google included, but the traffic is the biggest problem in front of the site, the original

traffic come from?

so I develop the diligence and patience style seek answers on the Internet, too rich and colorful answers, flashy without substance too much, much too much, it seems that the original editions seem to be twin sisters,

1, effective outside the chain (a silent new station to find PR so and so Web site), seemingly Arabian Nights, there is no practical significance, the site is not a lot of money, there is no way to smash advertising, give up.

2, adhere to update their content, to the original. Yes, maybe it’s really useful. Unfortunately, I’m not a talented scholar. I can’t write too many classics and originality, and I can’t get together. I can’t see the reaction of Baidu or Google for the time being.

I’ve been wondering what traffic should come from, how do I get traffic from search engines where (what is the significance of the optimization, otherwise I) I began to see the Baidu keyword heat, then for every day tens of thousands of times the search keywords, but the fact that I didn’t could squeeze into the first few pages, I was new ah, no PR, and low weight, the same thing can only rely on Baidu, the Post Bar, know all try but no traffic (poor), what to do? Face stop ranking, with no longer changes included in the page, in the face of crawler spider more and more lazy, I can only say to myself said the new station, a new station, want to have patience.

in the forum’s popularity has faded, who struggled to save the new station, tired of highfalutin SEO professional guidance, carefully examine the advantages and disadvantages of the website that can actually develop potential keywords, for their own website optimization key word is of great potential, how to find good luck and hard work, I the station is the LIAN recruitment network http://s.lchhr.com, is for employment, so I find Baidu news and find employment, some simulation is likely to become hot words, for these words from the news search — Transformation release, remember the title must change, even to a "de" you can, must not be wholly intact copy, began to flow the tiny change, so to start building the website news.

a new webmaster, do not have to spend time looking for the real master SEO and SEO professional articles above, try the one or two suitable method, unremittingly efforts can have considerable traffic, I feel the news for keywords from Baidu (Baidu index higher) than on Baidu billboard words for a new station is more suitable.

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