Training website operations guide website architecture chapter

refers to the so-called training site, training information website, that is to say to a certain area within the scope of the training information placed on the network, as the training needs of information service and training institutions for visitors, to promote the role of the market. In the title of the website structure, in this article refers to the site of the plate classification, layout and so on. I believe we all understand that no matter what kind of website, its architecture is very important, but also for the training site, then the author points out the venture to say people should take what kind of architecture for training site.

first point: multi City training website, should take level two domain name or two class directory?. This is a very common problem, online there are a lot of discussion about the two level domain name and directory two merits of the article, for the training site, due to a lack of city market, to set up more than one city to make the site have greater value, so a large number of open multi City training sites become the market is now common on the training site of the common market promoting way. Then, when a new city, what is the city to open a separate two level domain name good? Or give it to open a two level catalogue? Here I tend to select two level directory, this is because the weight of the two level directory can inherit the domain name the more conducive to the rapid effect of the ranking, and the two level domain is equivalent to the railway station, need more energy and manpower to promote to a certain improvement in weight. Of course, now many training sites take sub stations to join the model, so when the new city opened, the use of two level domain name, this is another situation.

second: training categories and cities should be made into parallel or hierarchical directories?. Assuming a multi City training site to take two directory the way of construction, then the city’s junior training catalog is taken and city level directory directory? Or take the city directory subdirectory? This is an important issue. In fact, both for visitors and search engines, the use of hierarchical directory approach, the structure of the site is more clear, layers of progressive, level one is more conducive to classification, browse and crawl. But I prefer the way it is city and city under the same directory take a better way, this is because each additional layer of web directory, the length of a long, deep directory on one level, this is bad for the search engine grab ranking in fact. Because the lighter directories generally get better rankings, which is a basic rule.

third: the training course information page (which refers to static processing) should follow the root domain name or follow the directory page. For example, a training course, the access address should be: ****.com/a.htm or ****.com/xian/kuaiji/a.htm should be? In fact, these two methods have advantages and disadvantages, followed by the first top-level domain, more conducive to ranking, second layers.

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