Through activities to save the right to drop site

since 2008 April, my 5 star online essay, I’ve been looking for ways to promote it. Because someone said: "wine is also afraid of the alley deep.". If you don’t promote or don’t promote a website, it will be difficult for more people to know it, unless you do it early or have your own unique features. I believe my friends also know how many similar writing websites have. How fierce is the competition of two key words in composition and composition net? Since you have chosen it, you should do it well and do your best.

when 5 star network composition in 2009 March, often appear unable to open the phenomenon, the specific reasons for not elaborate. So find the so-called master, change the program to the site. In the process of converting the program, the expert made all the mistakes of all the original pages, so it caused the website to drop the rights on Baidu. Here, I also remind you webmaster friends, if you can’t handle technical problems, that is to find a real master, would rather spend more money, but also to web site safety. In the webmaster online, some technical personnel have blown the leather, but his technology is really not flattering.

because of this, the website a day is better than a day, the home page has been K, the weight has not, send to the composition on the web site, Baidu also not included, I also to 5 star composition net completely lost confidence. So in 2009 June, he founded Baoding 123 with his friends. These were also mentioned in previous articles. No more words here. 5 star composition telepresence regardless of it? This is like their children, which can say that no matter whether the


in order to resume the 5 star composition nets weight, I used some methods, the effect is not bad. But it’s always a search. Let everyone know you can do it. Right? Human transmission, that works best. So I got the idea of the fourth essay contest, before a game, but the game is on the Internet, the prize is the QQ coins. The effect is not ideal. Some people in order to obtain the qq COINS use unscrupulous divisive tactics. This time I get the advice of friends, the game no longer send qq COINS, but the real prize certificate is issued.


certificate, the attraction for students better than QQ coins. Because the award-winning students will be very happy, will be as a certificate to the students, relatives and friends to show off their talent capital. You said (students love learning) can withstand this sort of temptation? Because it is 5 star network composition contest certificate, so I think this is the best way to attract more people to pay attention to the station. Pay attention to the game on the website, students can participate, even if this time missed, but also concerned about when to hold the next game. Students attend, but teachers should have a good escort, right? If the teacher recommended to participate in the competition of 5 star online essay that effect is not better? People don’t give the teacher students’ composition competition? I also learn from the practice of others, to the winning students instructor certificate, issued guidance award. Because the teachers want to evaluate the title, the certificate is a big treasure. So this certificate should have some uses. It is better to evaluate with the teacher

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