A grassroots plus fool’s webmaster self crit

  I can say that a fool type stationmaster, really is a fool, can not fool anymore.

  three months ago, I read a few articles at the stationmaster’s house and searched the information casually. Think you really are what have learned, understand everything.

thought it was as easy as Taobao to do web site, and made a program in the background, just to find some code to paste it up and find a picture to send it. Hey, when thinking of very light grin, think so can earn 1000 yuan per day. Not long before it can be wanyuanhu mechanism.

results, in this way, registered space, bought rice. Everything has been done well, and the application for the record has been filled in. However, because of other reasons not to do so, so a waste of more than two months, finally at the end of November to keep up, but the problem came again. What exactly is HTML? What is CSS?. No, I have to find a tutorial, study, and learn.

 , but I’m a impatient man. I’m tired of learning to learn. You can not give up, but had experienced   a lot of difficulties and finally persuaded the family to let me do, now I did not give up the face to see their ` ` ` I think, I really do not know how to is good. Learn slowly and impatient.

 . At this point, I happened to find something called CMS.. Hey, I thought the saved. So, again on the side of the rich dream, while downloading, DEDECMS, installation.. Too bad! And will not install, and like a headless ants everywhere hit, hit the forum, hit Baidu know. But there is no way out. A nice drop of MM was known to me, and she was learning to stand as well, DEDECMS. These days, the local installation less a few detours (here I want to thank the MM)… After the problem can be said to be countless ah, what is the template (we do not know, do not laugh at me, I really was a rookie besides typing what would not) really, but I had to add an advertising system to delete and delete. Hey hey, I just look at what, like what on the hand, no big deal, delete the reload.

so it was difficult to finally do like a website, then that happy. It’s impossible to say.

who knows, the problem is coming again. I wouldn’t have passed the station to space. (I used to have local). It’s hard to do. I can’t help but ask the technician of the space business. My people are not what advantages, is thick skinned, so look for some of the West and the East, and now finally stand ready!!

well, there are lots of interesting stories, and now we don’t have to. And then have the opportunity to write slowly, to share with you.

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