Method for increasing flow in early stage of personal website

first of all, talking about the site, we naturally will associate traffic, yes, a web site, traffic is its soul, no traffic. Any web site to do better, can not discover his true value, you may pay more than others, but you may end up working so hard, what is not. Today I will focus on how personal website operations start with traffic, and bring your website to success.

traffic can be distinguished as follows: one is the latest traffic. One is the fixed flow.

fixed traffic with a number of factors, including: the site’s domain name, site name, site type, content update speed, the content of the attraction, the amount of Web site operating capital and so on. Pull too many variables, this is not the focus of my study today, I am mainly talking about how the personal website at the beginning of how to increase the flow of new problems.

In the early days of the

website, how do we upgrade the site’s new traffic? I usually do the following to implement my plan to rapidly upgrade ", the latest traffic ".

1. first of all, you have to have a perfect program, try to use the PHP language, the database to make use of SQL, of course, you cow B to use more advanced language and database that better, and try to use your program to generate htm.

2. SEO, it is necessary to master every webmaster, do not ask you a very specialized, but need to get familiar with the SEO, you do not know how to optimize it, title? If you really do not know can come to Wen Kanliang, or


3. site links, this way is the lowest cost, and can play a long-term, lasting and stable role, it is recommended to establish links with the professional self-help link platform.

4. advertising interchange, which is a variant of the link mode. The initial site does not want to profit, so when you feel that the exchange links can not attract more links, then please do not mean, and take out your advertising position for exchange. Everything for flow. A petty thief can never accomplish a great deal.

5. builds one or more other non hosting sites for other domains and publishes IE viruses by buying cheap pop-up traffic. (everywhere on the Internet, it’s easy to make a little bit of assembly knowledge.

6. in the major sites to leave your site links traces, please see clearly, I just ask you to leave traces can, not to call you crazy to send spam, advertising. The most common way is to leave your site link in your personal signature in a large forum.

7, your operator must install the Alexa plug-in.

8. watch your program files carefully, and you’ll have to have statistics on every single page, and every day

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