A brief talk on the experience and ideas of operating local talent network

after nearly 2 months of development, Songjiang real estate network has been on-line, and today began to enter the promotion period, I hope this blog can truly record the growth track of this local property network!


had developed a local talent network www.001sj.net, after nearly six months of operation, IP has now stabilized reach about 1000, more than PV10000, has reached a preliminary set before the first stage of

!The next

on how to achieve our second goal — is IP/2000/ problem, I made a deep thinking, it should be said that now all kinds of keywords relating to our area, and talent recruitment related we are ranked in the first page of Baidu before three, and local sites are exchanged links. This area of the line recruitment we have done a preliminary cooperation, the new IP is going to come from that? Feel done, find a breakthrough from


study of a large number of local recruitment network and local portal, I found a phenomenon, is to promote each other, this person want to publish rental property, the results released after the rental property, by the way to the other channel website to see the results of a fit for his position found in the recruitment channel, registered a resume this is not the first person, wants to find a job, but is that by the way, add a resume, may also be done in a job; and this phenomenon has been driven by each other to do a lot of good local portal or indirect direct use, which is why many of the early to do now now more and more channels of good local portal, talent, family, real estate, second-hand, decoration, car and so on


is actually a local portal, the crowd after all is limited to one area, population quantity and number of people is limited, only for a number of industries, soon to a ceiling, but if a channel, promote each other, mutual influence, then, whether the influence or the flow of people soon a grade, of course, the premise is another channel do you have to do the


based on the above ideas, I chose the real estate, in fact, talent, property, classification information, forums, this is the most basic four basic areas of the forum

welcome local webmaster exchange QQ:84011052 www.sjfcw.net, Songjiang real estate network

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