Do stand very hard, just like farmers uncle kind of sweet potatoes

has been standing for almost a year, and for me it’s a short and long year. This year, I learned a lot from the station and lost a lot of it. This year, I spent my time exploring, forming the purpose of this article is to share with you the experience of failure. Welcome everyone to thread communication and discussion.

get to the point, digression. Do stand very hard, just like farmers uncle kind of sweet potatoes!.

I started the forum from the forum, and now I remember. At first, it was a whim, and there was no clear mode of operation. I think it’s a platform for people to communicate, but I don’t know exactly what it is. When I set up the forum, I gave myself 500W forum currency, which gave the forum the first user 1000W. That feeling was like the one I held in my hand. That was the RMB. That’s $… Later, when we met a girl on QQ, we talked for a long time. To this end, I took the forum positioning in the "emotional communication forum", with my 2 inch rotten tongue, her heart out of the trough, the forum moderators, later part of popularity is her.

free space spent a month, during the problem, can not visit today, and tomorrow stopped. The number of registered people in the forum is less than a day. I made a fatal mistake and forgot to back up. In the end, I decided to buy space. Space is shared, 100RMB/G, with space, not small, but also good speed. After the program passed up, spent a week or so landscaping, their daily thing is irrigation 100T. And then is everywhere to pull friendship connection, friendship connection is also high not low not; to each BBS put post propaganda, now think of these posts is AD, many BBS registered, go up once.

a lot of things are symbolic, and the results are basically not. So, after a month or so, a few days, I did not go to the forum again, and found that many days no one came, and after a few days is still the same. At that time, the preparation of the exam, there is no how to manage, I think the forum has been dying.

forum finally died as I wished. How did you die? It was like a garbage dump by some registered machines, but none of them went on. Then it was hacked, and the exact reason was still a mystery because I closed the upload and changed the database path. I certainly backed it this time, but I’m not in the mood anymore.

later, the teacher asked us to write our paper. Horse hair, philosophy, thinking, professional, social practice, a lot of. I feel like I can do a paper related station and find it on the Internet. There are many stations in this area. But there are some charges. I was positioned as a free paper station. It’s decided to start construction at once. I used the PE program to do some landscaping. People think PE the information station is very good, class, small class, the topic has the ——-> acquisition function

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