First, the search engine starts with the search engine

, let me elaborate on the idea of personal servers:

first, let’s analyze why the server spread so fast. It’s easy to use a search engine. More than 70% of the columns sold in the ADMIN5 link are private servers. What’s the role of linking? That’s for keyword search rankings.

I always do not understand why only erecting governance governance PW, but forget the most direct communicator PW (PW release station), we all know that PW release station is profiteering multi day earning millions more, the less there are hundreds of. It’s all about propaganda.

if the game operators see you can think of this article if the attack from a PW release station this profiteering industry, if blocked PW communication channels, the commercial value of PW can reduce the number of


we all know that the phone station mainly rely on Baidu, who is the first one who will have more advertising, for this purpose, between the station is constantly attacking each other, in order to be the first. After all, it’s money. As long as Baidu, the first can do anything.

from the first blow from PW PW release station to station, Baidu claims to clean up every day how much garbage station, PW release station is regular warfare? PPC, theme promotion have PW release station figure. So, the first release station from the search engine,


above is a personal point of view, welcome to judge!


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