Google AdWords free to send 6 QQ ads, we do not believe it, it is SP fraud

Google Adword free to send 6 QQ ads, we do not believe that, it is SP fraud

has recently seen a lot, for free, answer to send 6 QQ beautiful date, finally send text messages in customized advertising, such as

these are those who do SP alliance tricks, as long as you send text messages to at least 10 yuan more than 30 yuan fee information is deducted from your mobile phone, do the people who can get bonuses ranging from $5~15 Mobile Corporation can get 5 yuan, the other is the SP agents of the money go pinch..

is now rich in Google to do this, at least on the income of about 5W, no information audit aware of the vulnerabilities they use awords, use the vanity of people cheat mobile phone users to make calls black money.

do not believe you can go online to search the SP alliance, a SP can see Union Commission Plan – but the SP alliance also has a routine, because SP webmaster should deduct amount in order to earn more money, 98% of the online SP alliance is a liar, which do SP alliance knows and Ma rattan period the QQ alliance, they also have value-added SMS SP business, they buckle webmaster serious. Only strongly hope that the Ministry of information industry to crack down on these SP – QQ alliance from the trickster – robber.- QQ this is the best start alliance, because the SP number is 10661700 people is Tencent’s so fooled, in fact the purchase is not 6 QQ, some of the garbage business… But this is Tencent who do propaganda people use this loophole scam. Registered a webmaster can put 5 pieces of Tencent get 3 dollars, then they registered 100 in the amount of – buckle webmaster You can earn 300 owners earn up to 100, but the number of net users of mobile phone costs? We calculate it. But a year down the astronomical

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