Let personal Adsense really tangled record bottleneck

ever geometry, the record has become the network community know all about the topic, the website has become the biggest web site of the heart disease. I am in several group of friends in the past few days in the lament, in fact we are in support of the national policy for the government, but the efficiency of some local administration and ways of doing things make people too scared. Take my friend, just last month, the domain name registration, but when going to the record of the early discovery by others will record, but there is no record of success, he didn’t want to record by record, and made some telephone calls to the local information management bureau, and Fujian Bureau of the fuze communication, then a call to the Fujian communications administration, told to send a copy of personal results, the website domain name certificate and the application form, please, waste a few days finally to fax, the results of more than a month later, up to now no letter, called several times will not work, not to blame him after all, the people of Fujian is also the official fuse Bureau, people dare and Guan Dou! But has been tangled in the record, it has been unable to do, money in there, because a domain name for a domain name registration card Lord. Have a friend, to submit information, all the information is true, the others are down for a month, he would get down, then a friend advised him to spend money to find agents for the record, but a friend is not convinced, said: This is the Communist society, which is China, I keep the law by citizens, I what to buy for ah, I do not lie, do not steal two, three is not illegal, I submit the record is true and effective information, what do not give me a

audit?From these

, but we see that the webmaster is to record, also very supportive policy, but to the communications authority? They took national honors, are there any facts to taxpayers? And the so-called CCAV, you all day long exposure to those prohibited sites, they may have stopped they are not the same? And personal webmaster, who are your major background support, they do is because of pornographic websites the telecommunications sector support, those small owners? Do you think they have the ability to find Telecom cooperation? Do you think they do website just for money? God, why not open your eyes and see the vast number of small and medium-sized webmaster and they are the most innocent, the most sad, at first they hold is a fun network heart, they promote the progress of the network, but the end will be the network, To be forsaken by something, to be shouted, to be destroyed.

we hope that the media, reporters, government pay more attention to the real needs of the understanding and support of small owners, if the network can harmonious development, there is a complete chain of interest, they will be out of order to do those illegal website how


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