Case study teach you how to design a movie director’s studio home page

1, final effect and PSD file


PS: because the file is relatively large, so I will design PSD source files placed in the flying fish sonar group shared file, welcome to download. Group number: 168083758

two, design requirements

creates a film director’s home page to reflect nostalgia and loneliness. No Logo, no pictures, all material collection.

three, design ideas and material

according to the design requirements, we can imagine a scene, a room with the pan old floor and mottled walls of the room, a director chair empty quiet in there, beside the chair stood in the film Mike and abandoned the film, also a leaning against the wall, quiet lying in the dark corner. A beam of light fell down from the top and landed on the chair and floor, making the whole atmosphere even more lonely. Based on this idea, we collect the following material to create this scene in our mind.



crack brush

director chair




film brush


related fonts (font, Xue Jun, pixel font)

four, create method

followed by specific implementation steps.

1, open Photoshop, create a shortcut Ctrl+N 960 pixels wide and 800 pixels high empty document, use the move tool (V) in the document on the left and right sides of the reference line is pulled out, and then select the image canvas size > command, in the dialog box will change the width to 1400 pixels, click determine. So we have a blank document with a width of 1400 pixels, 800 pixels high, and a reasonable reference line. Next, all of our designs are developed within these two reference lines, so it is important to create the reference lines in the first step. As shown in the following picture:


2, press the D key to adjust the foreground and background colors to default and the previous black and white States, and then use the Alt+Delete key to fill the layer with black. Using the file >, the insert command imports our already good floor material into the document to create the first element of the entire scene. Since the floor material file is very large and exceeds the size of the document, you’ll see that the placement command automatically adjusts the picture to the right size. In addition, this command also uses floor pictures as "smart >"

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