Before the operation director of watercress Pro Grant how to get high-quality seed users

currently has roughly six seed users, essentially covering mainstream entrepreneurial projects and gaining the intent of seed users. Each class of users corresponds to different features, and the needs of the seed users are reflected in the operational data corresponding to different KPI and different data. So it’s very instructive.

these six categories are: the construction of seed users, proof of seed users, diffusion type seed users, community seed users, marketing seed users and data type of seed users, have different value and significance.

1, a constructive seed user,

the construction of seed users, generally applicable to large UGC (User Generated Content) community, UGC community demands for seed users, want users to be able to have the quality of seed (UGC socket bacteria understand content production capacity and active community atmosphere, ability) can make a web site has a very good start atmosphere.

here is a classic story, but the story is not the seed user operation is a story, details, seed user operation is airbnb, share it as a P2P housing community, with visual appeal is very important, is to ask the photos of the house has a very good visual experience, in this case next, they found many photographers to take pictures, do so after the turnover has increased significantly.

can see from this story, this kind of constructive seed user needs to guarantee the quality of a certain original content.

then, the way that constructive seed users acquire is actually two famous websites, for example: watercress, which I used to work for, and one that knows about it.

watercress in the early days, in fact, there is very, very good community atmosphere, we all know that the most early watercress is "book" based web site. As a web site, it is not easy to get high quality, multi – dimensional book reviews and Book reviews. At that time, watercress looking for the first batch of seed users, more from the North (watercress founder Yang Bo) their own life experience.

north is actually a very famous programmer in the Pascal community in the country, so watercress’s early users almost all came from the Pascal community. The programmers here are different from the programmers now. If you are looking for some programmers to do the reading forum, I’m sure it will be a comic con. But at that time the entire Pascal community members covered a wide range of literature, philosophy books, very high quality, humanities books are covered, and the entire community of programmers at all in a product called Blog, so these members have good UGC literacy, they have very long habit of writing.

So they

these two attributes: first, they are good at writing habits and long, second, they are out of school.

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