Forum positioning in the end is to do add or subtraction

took part in the Ningbo SEO alliance last Sunday and discussed the operation and promotion of the Ningbo online forum. Ningbo online forum is a project of Ningbo SEO alliance established the first collective long in the business promotion, is similar to the Oriental hotline and a forum of Ningbo local life forum, the original Ningbo GXG e-commerce director Sheng Yu’s personal website, after five years of operation for a long time, also accumulated a lot of resources and popular, but because of the limited time and energy, has not been able to maximize the use of these resources. Therefore, the main person in charge of Ningbo SEO union Lin Bo proposed the integration of resources, integration of all the owners of Ningbo alliance spare resources and energy, Ningbo online as the league’s first collective project promotion, then the implementation of revenue sharing. Ningbo webmaster are very supportive of this activity, because to understand that now is no longer one time, a man of ability, executive ability is again high, only small achievements, and a group of people, a team can create more business.

but these two discussions haven’t made much progress yet, but they still stay in the discussion about website positioning. The dispute is divided into two factions, the electronic commerce department Shanshan Group the main responsible person of Wu Yin faction headed by the support "subtraction", namely a differentiation strategy, first find a subdivision into the subdivision market foothold again after the addition, to other broad areas of development. That is, the forum can open a single plate, such as the first open plate or plate or pet idle away in seeking pleasure, the theme of the forum is just a single segment of the industry, etc. in this sub sector to Ningbo after the first, we go to other life extension plate. Led by GXG e-commerce director Sheng Yu has sent another support "addition", not only to the "surface" covered with a large number of popular information to attract traffic, traffic is large enough to push or focus on a particular field. Sheng believes that the forum must be in initial stage to attract popularity, and popular to a broad surface to drive, with a large number of different industries in different sectors to drive the long tail word, with the popularity will be based on user preferences from the existing section inside, suitable for hot plate to the main push. These two views have been rhetoric, just stuck.

here, Liu children according to Ningbo online this case, but also to discuss some of the views of the forum positioning. In Ningbo online positioning this argument, I support the Shanshan Group Director of business operations. Now the rookie forum suitable for subtraction, go subdivision, should not do add, go broad. The reasons are as follows:

one, subtraction strategy helps the rookie forum avoid the direct competition of local forum bigwigs and find a foothold in niche areas

is now the Internet is so developed, social elements has penetrated into all aspects of life and entertainment, basically all of a second tier city has its own local authoritative forum, some of the three line of the city and county level city have their own forum, such as the Nanjing Bourbon.

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