Passion burns again

said to me very ashamed, access to the Internet has been for many years, but in the past ten years has been focused on the field of graphic design, to the establishment of the interest in the last 07 years is gradually mature, thanks to friends, then see a lot of paper was determined, especially figure of Comrade Wang, although not met with, but are confident that he is very promising, as can be seen from the started his strategic vision, can be seen from his insist he is a trustworthy person, I passed in April 30, 2007, he purchased the domain name and space, and the opening of my first website: display art network.

this is a professional website, because I think the design on the website is very much, a display design, display art website aims at creating a design field of market segments. Because usually busy work, the domain name space after the convenience of 51 days of the vacation to do a few pages, quickly passed up, I thought, and then use CMS to do a complete site, and then pass up.

I can’t do SEO. Fortunately, about half a month later, goolge and Baidu have included the art gallery. The day after I have used CMS to study many times, want to do a complete website, also pay attention to the site a few days, found that there are ten or twenty traffic sites each month, the heart anxi. But later, because of work and family reasons, really busy, the site just like that, and never asked.


between a year and soon, a year to rent a space will expire soon, so today to check the Internet, is also considering whether to do it anymore, don’t know, a look surprised, especially in the months of the end of last year, the monthly traffic has to more than 300 for me, this is a novice, it is actually really happy ah.

, that’s why I feel so ashamed. For nearly a year, I’m sorry about my website,


more importantly, the few pages on my website have not only never been updated, but also have poor content. I don’t believe we can go and have a look at them., it’s really rubbish.

today, I was ashamed, and re ignite passion and dream of my website, I not only do I display art network, also want to plan the new site project, because the unit opened a new strategic project last year, and his wife was pregnant, so work and family are too busy, not too busy working now. The baby is almost half years old, is to take some time.

then I’m going to find a space graph king continued, the display art network formally, and then apply for a new domain and new domain name space, what to do, for confidentiality, etc. make up, with all the sun.

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