Real testimonials after the trial of the blue mans CDN

our website Zhaopin recruitment because of the northern Shanghai in the vicinity of the user and the user more, our server in Dongguan telecommunications room, many customers say slow reaction site.

so holding the attitude of trying to find a more well-known domestic CDN supplier, Xiamen blue mans do CDN test.


website began testing at 9 in September 23rd and was tested at 14 in September 24th and found many problems. Originally decided to test for three days and found the following problems, the company decided to terminate the test ahead of time.

1. site traffic is true and accurate, because according to their flow chart shows, at 15 p.m. traffic is particularly large, but from the cnzz statistics, there is no obvious change.

2. site synchronization, a customer released the post, re login after the position can not be found, but we can clearly see the job information in the background and foreground. Later, after deleting, post normal.

3. cannot resolve pan domain names.


4. really have an acceleration?. Many of my friends and customers have tested it, and only one Unicom customer said it was much faster than before, and that the local customers were almost twice as much from the original 10ms to 20ms.

5. price is too high, at present in the Chinese market to do CDN acceleration of the company is not a few, the price is not very transparent. There are two ways to pay for blue awn, by traffic or by bandwidth. According to the results of the day test, every day 3G traffic, we need to spend 3G*30 days per month *50 yuan /G=4500 yuan, or choose bandwidth charge 400 yuan /M, according to 5M flow calculation, also need to spend 2000 yuan per month. And our average daily traffic is about 10G, speed up the day, the site is only 6G traffic, plus accelerated 3G basically belongs to the normal state.

, but not so much after the monthly investment.

blue awn CDN quotation sheet:

1, 1G-100G 231, 50/G 1. are available to the user traffic monitoring system

2, 100G-500G 531, 40/G 2. provides customers with real-time self-service CDN

3 500G-1000G 1031 30/G 3. CDN self renewal system provides users with

4, 1000G-5000G 1531, 20/G 4., charged at actual usage, fair and reasonable,

5 5000G above 2031 20/G 5. does not limit the time, the price for one-time purchase flow price

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