Talking about the three elements of bigger and stronger local students’ gathering network

site now where classification is various, the author in July according to their students’ background to establish a local student gathering network, I do the main purpose of this website is to enhance communication between students through this website, so I will be the city’s students are divided into three types, namely three columns: the students, the city high school students, junior high school students in the city of the city. The three column Division I want to be able to attract students crowd into the website to find suitable exchange positions, now I this part of the student network has more than 2 months, the daily traffic also has more than 200 operators feel good, I think I now to talk about the local students gathered and three strong network elements.

the first element: accurate positioning, specializing in students

I do this website is based on the location of my own, I am a college student in the city, is that many college students spare time every day, when I was in idle boring to have my own website is not a student can see a lot of beauty, so there is the birth of this website the. At the time when deciding the location of our website is also hesitant, student-centered orientation or school as the main position, then after reflection, I think the local students gathered network can only by the students as the main body, if the school as the main body, then these students will enter the school according to the fixed thinking column, it is not up to the the purpose of communication, so there will be a college student website localization, I think I should not have the positioning error.

second elements: with the help of students, save money

as a student, I don’t have much money, this site is currently not profitable, there is a stationery shop called my advertising, I didn’t do a month, tens of dollars of advertising I certainly do not want to, we have 8 bedrooms, one with my three personal relationship is very good, I will my website for their share of this website that want to grow, do not know what, after some discussion, they give me the idea is to use the students to manage the website, not only to achieve the purpose of saving money, you can also add more students group. Yes, if a student as a petty officer on the site, then the student must be very hard to attract more students to appreciate his work, so I think the local students gathered website wants to become bigger and stronger second elements is to learn how to manage the website by students.

third elements: with the promotion, out of rivers and lakes,

for the site promotion elements I take is Post Bar, QQ group, I and several friends ran dozens of school I printed publicity paper posted on the campus of the Post Bar, then go to the local Internet Post Bar made a few ads, but soon after I was removed, the friends go to launch different the class QQ group to promote my website, did not think this method is good, although less than the media promotion, but also let me this website now small famous student, after understanding, some students in class are now back to the bedroom.

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