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I will tell you the title refers to the Heilongjiang station network of excellence, I am not in order to promote my station, and the webmaster to discuss, website promotion and optimization is the best effect. Of course, I hope advanced experts go to see my station, but also give me some more promotional experience or SEO more knowledge.

said roughly situation to this website, this website just launched a whole year, this time last year is to play, is the feeling of talent recruitment website this cup of soup, a simple entry should we also share a cup. In A5’s "use your own experience to teach you how to clean up a good domain name", this article mentioned about domain name, of course, also includes this talent recruitment station, I hope domain lovers to see and correct.

I put this station as Heilongjiang talent net, but after about two months of inspection, this keyword seems to do not go up in a short period of time, as a medium key words. In the short run, needless to say, it’s difficult. I don’t think it can be done so easily, but other measures can be taken. Later, according to the characteristics of my domain name, and in Baidu test, Heilongjiang elite network is not very hot, but there are a lot of search volume. This station has HR in the domain name, and also domestic large talent recruitment station, Chinese talent is a little fate, so immediately change the name into Heilongjiang elite network. The result is quite obvious. In those days, almost every day, some people register information, for a new station, it is not easy to reach this step, of course, must also go through a step. Specific methods are as follows:

1, the name of the website to avoid heavy, light, do not follow the trend, not to follow the crowd.

Heilongjiang talent network and Heilongjiang elite network of these two key words, certainly the former is hot in the latter, this is not absolute, but also in accordance with the characteristics of the region to locate. My website’s localization is the Heilongjiang area middle and high end talented person recruitment website. The name is really important, it’s equivalent to a code name. This code is best able to reflect the characteristics of the industry, and have their own characteristics, even if others imitate, that is the latter. Here is actually related to the back of the friendship link. Talk back.

2, site structure.

begins with the first step in web design, and designers and programmers should take into account the structure of the site, optimization, and so on. So, I say, for modern programmers, programmers who can only program SEO knowledge are not good programmers.

3, links.

mentioned in the first point, after the name is decided, the link must use this name. At that time I probably did 5 links, then the weight is relatively high, ranking soon to the first.

4 has new content updates every day.

I don’t do this well, because when I first had a lot of bugs in this program, I didn’t update a lot, and basically I was in control

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