Personal Adsense to do the best way to Taobao shop

, about Taobao, I’ve only recently begun to focus on it. It’s a chance, too. Once in the webmaster nets see an article about Wangzhuan articles found in do Wangzhuan people, do Taobao customers in particular, so they have to understand how to use Taobao to make money off. The next period of time, continuous in Ali mother League and some share to do Taobao guest experience in the site, saw some posts and articles, for Taobao guest have certain understanding. Therefore, I would like to talk about how the personal webmaster to do Taobao customers, Taobao guest promotion in the following forms, search promotion, channel promotion, page promotion, shop promotion, single product promotion, window promotion. For a personal webmaster who has a website, these forms can be done. But because most of the personal sites are smaller, less content, less original, so it can not talk about stable user structure and considerable traffic. Such a website to do Taobao customers, can barely put single items and window class promotion content, for turnover is difficult to guarantee. So to explore personal webmaster how to do Taobao customers, the most basic must do the analysis from two aspects, one is the analysis of personal ability and personal contacts with resources, the two is a combination of the first analysis to make a difference for Taobao off several promotion way. Stationmaster individual ability basically also is this a few respects, it is technical respect, two is promotion respect, three is talent respect. Personal ability, most people are at the same level, it is difficult to open a larger gap. Therefore, things about human resources seem to be more important. Has the network resources disparity, sometimes can become the personal stationmaster to make the Taobao guest success or failure the decisive factor. For example, some personal Adsense is a forum moderator, or is on a certain type of products have a deeper understanding and so on… So…, only their advantages and disadvantages clearly, to grasp the focus of the website content and how to use the site to provide services to the user.

with the above analysis, you may ask if I technology, promotion, talent three aspects are very general, also do not have what good human resources, so I can not do Taobao off? Clear yourself, although it did look pale, but do not be discouraged. After all, the world is still ordinary people, fewer people wear underwear outside. Here I will give this kind of webmaster provide a model, that is to do shop navigation, mainly to promote Taobao online store, similar to the cool cool Pavilion shopping network, this website is not high for the technical requirements, the general webmaster can do, the shop link as the content, also do not have to worry about the content. This can save time to do promotional work. Because the main service object of this site is the regular shopping in Taobao and want to shop at goubao on but not a lot of time to pick the crowd. Therefore, in the choice of promotion shops, we should spend more effort to compare, select some of the better quality. After all, we provide a service, only the service is done, to retain users and develop new users, we can reflect the value. In that case, the web site >

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