Sad share the 10 possible reasons for my website being K

why my website zero "shocking" PR3 has been K? This problem has always been a headache for me, since last year by K until now have not recovered, but occasionally a few times intermediate recovery, but not to the day was K, I was puzzled the. I was K from the day began to check my website why is the cause of the K, but also do not check out, also called some friends to help me do analysis, no analysis of what is the reason? Once a Baidu keyword is ranked first, very high weight website at once hung up, I always wanted to why not my website will become so


, what about my website from the K to the present? Please master to help me analyze, in the end what is the reason? Thank you for your advice. Thank you very much for your help.

about 08 years from the end of 08 at the end of the year: at that time my station "zero shocking net" do the words "shocking, shocking, shocking joke" all about shocking keywords is the first row of Baidu, once found suddenly someone deliberately and malicious Trojan at that time, the site all normal, it is because that I killed the horse. The horse also can’t consumption down, so not a way to find some friends to help me solve the horse but are not resolved, so they want to change the system only, but for some system risk, but still choose to change the system. When you change the system that heart ah, is really sad death, means all over again, what’s the original article that actually do not pass up the data, too, came to pass a few days and nights, so I chose to give up the original upload those articles, he had accumulated hard the article just brush without effort, so in vain. After a period of time, the entire station data increasingly rich, Baidu also included the normal, but when you pick up bad, really yiboweiping another one morning in the online site website, ignorant, and be K. How was dizzy, so I? Check the website in the end what is the reason, why was the K? And then analyzes the possibility of the ten most common reasons:

1, keyword density problem

2, friendship outside the chain was K

3, violation of bad information

4, same host IP website question

5, site content cheating,

6, server

7, site source code

8, site construction

9, the site was attacked

10, IP search lock

       ;       these conditions >

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