Talking about electronic commerce website path method analysis traffic skills

is now the momentum of e-commerce website is still very fast, not only the enterprises to actively participate, many local governments have increasingly emphasized the importance of e-commerce website money, so have launched e-commerce website project, for this situation, many experts said that although the electronic commerce website money scene optimistic, but if not pay attention to specification operation and accurate operation, so it may cause a huge waste of the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, investment, for the electronic commerce website is the most important traffic conversion problem! Enhance the conversion rate, so the electronic commerce even if successful general


in order to enhance e-commerce website conversion to analysis factors affecting flow conversion rate, conversion rate and improve find soon be able to solve these problems, so as to enhance e-commerce site traffic conversion, the conversion rate of flow analysis of the best path analysis method is not the so-called path analysis! Is to establish a logical path, analysis of site visitors access cycles in a web site inside what has been done, usually including: search, browse, order, settlement, collection and feedback of the six cycle steps! Then the sales behavior into a whole, including the entrance on the way, the path and export, so as to analyze the causes of the flow out of the


1: how to build traffic path

is a path to one or more pages in a series of logic, the common path of an electronic commerce website can have a home page, commodity information page, payment page, receipt of the confirmation page of the four page form a logical, based on the IP address and the registration user name and website the visitors in the four page access track record, these data should include the registered user name, IP address, URL page, click on the time and so on, under the premise of technical feasibility, can also record some of the other pages of information, such as product type and product name! This is key technology to realize the


two: how to analyze traffic

achieved through the above technology, I believe you have collected a lot of data, but for such a vast data how to analyze? It is also very important, we analyze the data of the key nature is continued from the first page click on the path to the last page of this section, so that you can get this the path conversion of sales, I come to you to do some analysis of the example of

!If the

on the first page of a IP or a registered user click until payment page and successful payment information, it shows that this is a successful transformation, if every day on the home page click on the 200 IP, the commodity information page to 100 IP, the settlement the IP page and successful payment is only 50, so congratulations to you, your website conversion rate is twenty-five percent


uses path analysis to effectively identify which pages are having problems, affecting user experience, and then can >

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