Novice webmaster site three months a little feeling

is a new station owner. I just set up my first small station this year. I would like to say something about the past few months.

at the end of last year, snow storm everyone knows, it should be this reason, failed to get married, so there is the idea of doing a web site, after finding the right source program, it started building.

I found a 2 open source program to do a stock information station, and is not very good, but I saw the group function in the program, so that I can build a system similar to shares, such as is the beginning of modification in this program is based on the entire station layout, structure, all according to their own needs to be revised. The general novice love directly applied to other procedures, don’t even change a little bit, I think that no features, imagine someone with such a long program, you now take over with, the effect is not so ideal. I think we should establish some distinctive things according to their own ideas, not to say beyond the old station, but when people visit the website to see the novel or the characteristics of things. Chinese in order to build the socialist China, we need to have their own website construction .

modify the program, this is not very difficult, but a little bit of trouble, I know a little bit of ASP, HTML is still familiar with, modify the time is still smooth, almost finished the year, the program is also done. So began uploading, opening.

this place, I think I made a serious mistake, is the new sites put up there is no data, but later added, resulting in a very long time to Baidu not interested. So, when the establishment of the new sites is best to fill a certain amount of data on the inside as well. Now most of the station with the acquisition, so the first to collect data, and then the opening should effect will be good. I opened after the data collection, do not know the reason, after the first time Baidu included more than 500 pages, but soon cut into more than 40 pages, for a long time to stay in the figures, let me very depressed.

During the period of

was pulled out of the hair, I stop using the acquisition, human began to add data, so people do not live ah, very tired, very hard. But after struggling for a long time, finally included Baidu began a weekly update delivered from oppression, and I also saw hope, otherwise I could not insist quickly is coming at a good time.

from the station to now have more than 3 months, during the wave folding very difficult, I want to give up, but also to the old webmaster asked, here also thanks to my help one of the old webmaster, they encourage me to survive, although net station traffic is not high, but the trend is very good, increasing every day, these are my motivation, let me continue to stick to it.

writing is not good, written in a bit confused, the theme is to think of the same as me and the rookie station, said: "build their own characteristics of the station, and stick to it, we can also do very well.". >

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