Grassroots entrepreneurship can not leave the boot, the most important thing is to learn to grasp

as a grassroots Internet entrepreneurs, we have been thinking about their own future, to explore the way to explore the roots, but on the future road also rely on their own to go step by step, one day will become a grassroots star? What have been determined in our efforts, encountered what people experience what kind of things.

March 13th A5 version of the chat activity, invite Solomon Hin Technology Co., CEO (, is a former Baidu advertising Butler Senior Product Manager Li Ze, share him from the grassroots, have set up their own company to become CEO’s experience. This paper arranges a dialogue with questions and answers, so that everyone can read it.

: Hello, guest, I said, you were a senior product manager of Baidu’s advertising steward. Could you share the content and the situation with us?


answer: this student seems to be curious about the content of Baidu’s work.

Baidu advertising steward is a management system specifically aimed at high-end Internet media management network advertising. Through it can manage any large website, all advertising, including regular off line advertising, scheduled advertising, according to the crowd, geographical place different advertising. Relatively high-end intelligent. Including the current A5 advertising management is also used, Baidu advertising housekeeper.

I was responsible for the online media promotion of the product, product feedback, sorting out, and social media operations for the advertising steward, including Sina and Tencent, official micro-blog, and so on.

asked: many webmaster for Baidu love and hate, curious about Baidu, guests in Baidu work for how long, is in Baidu headquarters? This work experience brought you what experience and harvest?


answer: before, in the Baidu building, Beijing headquarters, Baidu is a technology progress company, surrounded by very excellent colleagues. Baidu’s experience gave me the biggest gains in several points:

1, the work flow optimization: as our webmaster born early may have disrupted the battle in the exploratory stage, but in Baidu, a lot of work processes are standardized, can improve the working efficiency of many.

2, Internet product vision: here to receive a lot of knowledge, and master various, often mutually explore evolution and relation between products, and related products industry chain pattern, before someone joked that Baidu is the product manager of the Whampoa  military academy, is a very good reason, here. A good atmosphere. Generally, from Baidu students, entrepreneurship more. Because the field of vision is wider.

asked: "as an Internet grassroots entrepreneurs, we have been thinking about their future, that grassroots webmaster should do what?"


answer: in fact, think about the future, this includes my present thinking.

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