Fish refused to swim the nternet needs dumb Masters

in January 11, 2009, by the Shanghai Owners Association, China Fukuoka, calmly co sponsored by 365, caifutong, net results NSFocus, Chinese net, Gu Le nail network and a number of units, Chinese red Union, as marketing planning agencies, online press releases and other partners to jointly support. Carrying a lot of glory and dream China grass-roots Internet Conference, will be the first Shanghai Cultural Festival to a climax and small website gorgeous closing. A total of 1000 colleagues from more than 800 sites participate in the conference, the theme of the web site for the upper and lower search. The following is a speech by the founder of the founder who refuses to swim.


, everyone in Shanghai, the elite, old friends, and new friends, good afternoon. For Shanghai, I don’t have much, but I have special emotions in it. Although I’m from Zhejiang, my mother is an educated youth in Shanghai, and I also have a certain lineage of Shanghai.

we did the Internet website income investigation in 2007, 5000 stationmaster participates in the investigation, in 2007, the investigation result has 47% stationmaster not to make money. We did another survey at the end of 2008, and the number of people who did not make money rose to 49%, but the annual income of more than 500 thousand increased by more than 20% from its own proportion. These figures tell us, in fact, there are many webmaster in the evolution, but there are many new people come in, he may not always make money. Of course, do not necessarily make money Adsense, may also be your hobby, may also love to make money at the same time.

so what I want to share with you today is how to get a breakthrough from an individual webmaster. Why is the economy in the bar when I talk about breaking it? Because I think the economy when the bar, we are more suitable for practicing internal strength, and put their own internal skills training. If you have new opportunities, you can take advantage of them. Personal Adsense from its essence, more than 90% are technicians, many technicians are born. At first, you probably made a website for your hobby or for what purpose, and in essence, you were a technician. You made a website. Later, you will encounter, for example, you need to care about traffic, you need to care about your user groups. Personal Adsense is basically all powerful, from technology to marketing, to after-sale to customer service, including to talk about advertising, are doing their own. But there are a lot of problems, we communicate in the middle of the station, there are many, he does not mean that can not go on, many webmaster, he is often in the evolution of accidentally frozen. What is the reason? Because the technician has his advantage, our personal webmaster never say hard, right? In fact, many technicians are not afraid of hard work, in turn, I put it bluntly, a security guard, he is also a technology. Why? He has to remember the faces of many people. He wants to remember the faces of a leader’s family, and he distributes newspapers. Therefore, the technician is one of the largest groups, and many of the webmaster are technicians

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