Second-hand car electricity supplier see (1) mainstream model inventory, profit space review

lead: This is car 101, founder Luan Xiaorui, "comment on used cars" third. Used car electric providers in the end what mode fly,



text / car 101 founder Luan Xiaorui

2015, second-hand car electricity supplier is still hot, this year, Baidu and Tencent have been in the used car electricity supplier in the field of heavy money. However, the second-hand car electricity supplier in the end what model reliable? Today we will take inventory of China’s used car electricity supplier several modes:


, an individual consumer, puts the car on the platform and sells it to the dealer. The model on behalf of the company has a good car safely, happy to help sell the car set treasure, and recently, the car is easy to shoot is also carried out for personal income car business, at the same time the new group purchase platform "car network" also set up second-hand car auction platform. C2B this model is not available in the North American and Japanese markets, and Europe has recently tried out a new start-up company. This mode belongs to China’s first model, why is the most mature North American market is not the model? Because the scattered Chinese car source, are held in the hands of consumers; and the North American market mechanism is the main source of car. The core of C2B is to provide individual consumers with a platform for bidding and selling cars to meet the demand of selling high prices. But is the consumer’s core demand selling high or selling fast? Selling fast in the country is clearly the first demand. So the problem of this model is self-evident, and it is difficult to set up as an independent business model.


, that is to help 4S shop wholesale car to the field of cattle and car manufacturers, on behalf of the company car easy to shoot and excellent letter shoot. B2B on the American model is the United States and John (Manheim) says, was established in 1945, the annual auction vehicle at around 10 million units, accounting for 25% of the entire second-hand car market, basically belongs to monopoly. Says the pattern is the mechanism car source upstream (car rental companies and car leasing company due to financial institutions handling vehicles, vehicles, government and company vehicle) auction to the lower reaches of the 4S shops and second-hand car dealer. The Chinese B2B auction is the purchase of the policy based on the pressure, to help the 4S shop second-hand car auction for foreign car dealers and cattle, upstream of the 4S shop, the downstream is remote cattle car business, model is completely different, so the supply of upstream source of Car Co., the first scale is hard to do, no profit second. At present, the volume of two shot together will not exceed 200 thousand units a year, not as much as 2.5% of the total used car market transactions.


helps car dealers sell their cars online to consumers. At present, the pure B2C electronic business platform has excellent letter group’s excellent letter used car, as well as second-hand car professional buyers platform, car 101". B2C is currently the mainstream model for used car retail transactions, but the pain is how low – cost, used car deals are cost – effective

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