A few happy tears Baidu big update some of my thoughts

Baidu recently came to a big action, tentatively it is said to do a big adjustment, Baidu algorithm (because of these profound personal technology basically is an idiot, right here if you forgive me), believe that everyone in this action is also deep. This update to a I feel the deepest is: a few happy tears. To get a good ranking webmaster of the jubilant natural ranking sharply webmaster rush about telling the news around spreading, perhaps only to drink, eat shriveled become dejected and despondent.

"Every dog has its day!" to describe this stage of our webmaster can be biased, after all the time too much difference, but maybe we can be similar to the described: "Baidu update before the first Baidu, Baidu updated one hundred and one". Many sites in the update before and after is a great difference, as far as I know, many of the original ten pages of the web actually ran to the home page, or even the first, and the original in the home page site, but have been expelled to 100. A few happy tears from here and some webmaster chat as can be imagined, in time, they also say that your web site has a large fluctuation, but the majority still mixed, after all, many webmaster hand have more than one station.

in the face of such a puzzling phenomenon, I began to be very confused, but then more of this big update brought me thinking. I try to find some clues from this update, and then find a bright direction for my future SEO work. In the process of thinking, I asked myself three questions:

, 1, Baidu to such a big adjustment, what is the purpose of it,


Baidu why to adjust, this problem, we really can not guess. Perhaps it is because some expert cheating angered it, not long ago the "s" stations may be good in a complete mess? Baidu in some new algorithms for their experiments, who knows?! perhaps Baidu exhaust, ha ha, this possibility should be very little! But in general, the adjustment of Baidu is certainly want to make the network have a good environment, not by some spam flooding. Baidu wants to make its users the fastest and best way to find the answers they want, and it doesn’t want some opportunistic black hats to play with users and play with it.

This is not

our hard-working webmaster mind? We are steadfast in doing SEO, do not play those false false things. We may lose in this adjustment, but this is only temporary, and for a while, Baidu will certainly give us a good answer. Therefore, our webmaster should not worry too much, Baidu will give us webmaster bring much harm, but insist on how to do, how to do, should not do not do the principle.

2, Baidu big adjustment, our webmaster should do what work?

also mentioned in front of our webmaster what basic work, or to continue to do, and better than before. Of course, these are often Laosheng >

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