How do poor children start their own businesses

yes, can see the media continue to release who and how much financing every day, who got what risk investment, to be honest not heart that is false, but I had never admired. It is good for financing, like golf, it is rich playing entertainment, not suitable for the ordinary people to the Internet. Besides the concept, but also to tell the truth, the concept that things can only let us go and see about the rich people is how to play with the entertainment, and we ordinary people do not follow the concept of go, go down that you are a dead end Qiongshao money.

I was poor, so I have to open a company, a separate two halves. Penny to raise money hard usually are tightly in the bosom Chuai for fear of being robbed. The family usually also for their special concern, always said: the children outside the bitter ah, every day and night work overtime… It makes me think of it, I can’t help feeling sad.

so, after seeing so many people start the journey, and sum up some of their own experience, if we poor people’s children to start a business, the most important points, we must pay good attention to:


1 project must be real. Don’t get out of order what things, it is rich playing entertainment, why is entertainment, because it is made out of public entertainment. Rich people burn money on a city now ran away, we get buried? Honestly to do their own projects, make money besides.

2 is a project, must bring profit to you in the beginning. We have no money to burn, we also can not afford to burn, we can only rely on our project in the early stage will help us maintain profits, regardless of whether you earn. Enterprise the only way to survive is to make money.

3 don’t go along with others, don’t follow the concept of running, look for their best with the market project, to tie down, hard to do, there are always others achievement, the success of the project that is because they take the money to drop out of the people, the concept of success is because they use the capital relationship our success is the most advanced, we flutter in the market, make the most in need of the user application or product.

4 for your partner. Unless you are super man, all aspects are very good. But, you are a man of iron, a day to 48 hours of non-stop operation. If not, let the children of poor people that have to find a consensus, assured the partner to the strength of the team the assault capital toward the world market in order to survive. We must always remember: personal heroism era has passed, do not try.

5 the last point, insist on is victory. No no Everything is going smoothly., the boundless plain, there will be no more pie in the sky. Do the hard work to do as well prepared, isolated posterior preparation, rolled up trouser legs, go ahead.

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