See how can use other people’s experience to do web work

site, first of all to make sure what you do, when I set up before, I in the big webmaster nets, BBS, bubble for at least 2 weeks, the hard won’t say. When I decided to make a website about men, I was confident that I would go on with it. Only by sticking to it can I win. I have seen many posts online celebrity understand, his book "earn 500 yuan", my heart would certainly like to have such a result, but I just hope to see his book, do not expect to have this shortcut, really can earn 500 yuan, read a lot, see the most when he give the idea is how to analyze the pros and cons of the website.

I saw him say, "you just have to do the following steps and you can do it well.". Yes, I follow his steps, after doing, Baidu included my website, 15 days, is indeed a long period of time, but I am not discouraged, is to do so, so, I insist, my website, Baidu included. Google included. Sougou included. YAHOO also included, however, this is only the beginning, I have done, but also a lot of my site, was included in the Baidu. But the flow has not been much improved, and now is the initial construction stage of the site, and do not expect sudden traffic surge, this is too abnormal.

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