Webmaster, please don’t just love Baidu

on the road as if there is a word of spoken language All the world knows. out of the mix, not easy, use our webmaster body is we do grassroots webmaster is not easy. The station is up. Even every man small station not ten stand There are plenty of people who not only to busy update, collection and promotion every day, but also pay attention to the boss face Baidu. A little bit ill for his place, the heart must be careful, is not tonight will be their K off?. Often listen to some cattle man say, do the highest state of the station is forget to search, forget Baidu. I’m strong. Baidu dare not bird you… Do… That almost close to Buddhist arent you will succeed. But I beg to differ, as a small grassroots webmaster of our time, no money, don’t know to estimate a few large webmaster. If a station for N months, Baidu boss or birds do not bird your words. How many people have patience to continue to do it, and how many people can reach the point where Baidu dare not bird you?. In a word, it’s difficult to be a grass root webmaster in China. It’s more difficult to be a grass root who is famous. It’s very difficult to be a grass root like wang. Blew it off and dragged it back to the point.

Baidu in everyone’s mind, almost everyone’s life-saving straw, I also experienced a station from dozens of IP to tens of thousands of IP instant glory, but also to understand the strong and helpless Baidu. But you do stand and look for the girlfriend of a truth, why hang in a tree, not a good girl to you, do not search you a Baidu, since they don’t love you, why not indifferent to you in another direction, a change of thinking, may achieve no sown realm. (looking for the girl, I still agree, only to find the one you love, even if hanged, but in reality there are many helpless), this is not just a luxury. Let me give you an example: I’m doing a sentimental aspect of the forum, the web site is not posted. Have done for some time, because of the so-called promotion, SEO all don’t understand, just in love, and then slowly in the webmaster online mixed for a long time. Also understand the slightest promotion and the so-called optimization. Modify the title of the web site. To the site also set up several so-called keyword set description… All the work… Everything is ready only Baidu to give the boss a good position, Baidu is the charge snapshots are updated every day is not what traffic, so it is poguanziposhuai put it didn’t notice, anyway, every day so a few posts.

is at work today, and a friend sent QQ to say if your forum was lined up by Baidu. How have 100 personal online (usually 10) to make website statistics a look in the first row is not Baidu, but SOSO.



is usually come to a few ah, read the keywords and antecedents

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