Analysis of the development of Chinese personal websites

website has been an important force in the diversification of the Internet world, the personal website belongs to the grassroots type, lack of funds and professional care team, so many personal websites can only be a little groping forward. Half the time, we choose a number of unique personal website, quality model, direction, they were analyzed and evaluated in detail, these sites can be said to be a microcosm of personal website survival status, review sites, and half a year to comment to communicate with many webmasters, we try to sort out the personal website in the process of the development of the crisis and confusion, hope to provide reference and inspiration for other friends. In the process of combing, we deeply feel the personal website is still a long way, but also more meaningful.

Three new phenomena in the development of

personal websites

1. advertising revenue fell

we found that a lot of personal websites had a downward trend through surveys of multiple websites. The personal website of the profit model is still relatively simple, most still profit through advertisement and advertising is also with the help of Google Adsense, including Baidu Union, Ali mother, advertising alliance on, they accounted for a large part of the income source. As the economic downturn brought advertisers advertising unit price reduction, the current profit situation is not optimistic.

, a personal webmaster who runs websites for years, told reporters that his ad revenue was $20 thousand a month in the same period last year. But this year, due to the lack of advertising delivery, while the alliance provides advertising content and low price, although lead flow did not change, but the income level is significantly reduced, the monthly advertising profit only hovering around 10 thousand yuan.

The decline in

advertising revenue will affect the development of the website, especially many newly started websites. But on the other hand, this will speed up the survival of the fittest, and for those who are focused on the site, it is easier to show their advantages in the competitive environment.

2. site threshold continues to decrease

because there are more and more free website building procedures, it is not necessary to build a website without complicated technology. Such as the use of open source PHPCMS and DedeCMS station program code, only a PHP program to support web space and database, it can easily create a blog as a full-featured Web site, coupled with the current domain name CN the first year of registration fees still need only 1 yuan, the construction of a new the cost of the website becomes very low.

Continue to lower the threshold of

station, let more people have become the webmaster may, for example by UCenter Home (a PHP+MYSQL constructed by social network software) ready program like this, can be easily produced similar to the Facebook’s website. Reduce the threshold for most of the stations

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