From hand travel find your sister hot, look at the content of the website construction ideas

recently, hand travel "find your sister" can be described as a mess of fire, so that countless hand travel developers envy, envy, hate. Your sister is looking for a new game, just released at the end of August 2012, but this release just half of the game, the current has been downloaded 55 million times, daily active users reached 8 million, the monthly income of millions, in Android and IOS two platforms are ranked first in Mobile Games.

just half a year, a mobile game can develop to such a hot point, but also in the absence of the cost of marketing budget under the premise of the realization, there must be its killer. This killer is the content of its self marketing features. "Its core is the idea of marketing directly into the product, so that the product itself has a strong marketing force." Then, the product itself guides the user to continue to marketing products, and then to the extent of viral transmission, and eventually make the product detonated.

let’s wipe our eyes and find your sister’s game. What are the characteristics of the product in order to make it have the characteristics of self marketing?.

products are transmissible. This game has very strong style: grass root style, funny, funny. In addition, its theme is also a lot of the current network of hot spots, such as Cang teacher. These features that resonate with each other, narrow the distance between the product and the user, and arouse the interest of the user, which arouses the user’s strong desire to share and spread.

now looking for your sister, every day in the Tencent, Sina, as well as everyone sharing the platform reached 200 thousand, which are the user’s own contribution. Obviously, the product itself has the dissemination of marketing effect is amazing.

products are different. The theme for your sister’s game is the wire type, which is different from most of the game themes and styles currently on the market. It is this difference, let your sister to eyeball in many games began to attract attention. Attracted to the attention of players, for the back of marketing to open the situation, laying a good foundation.

products have effective dissemination and guidance. In the content design of your sister, the guiding thinking is outstanding and the skills are excellent. Find your sister in hanging card design, joined the micro-blog share function, after a pass, prompted players to share the results to micro-blog. Not only that, in the game’s share point design, but also carefully grasp, fully grasp the psychological needs of game player sharing, such as adding "scores" link in the sharing, rather than simply let users share the game to complete the degree. And for the users who share with micro-blog, they will be rewarded with gold coins." Measures。 These guidance measures will prompt the user to take the initiative to spread the game.

also has its own marketing features, which I’m afraid every web operator is eager for. So, to find your sister these products, content construction ideas, for each site operators, should be fully used for reference. The following aspects can be carried out.

content should be interesting, >

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